Special mention to David for mastering barcodes this week. After around a week of our tea having been in Semley Village Stores it was suggested that barcodes would make life for the shop staff much easier. It was a good spur to get us thinking about our labelling, which up until now had been inside the packets and not very useful in a shop scenario where the customer cannot see what is written. Labels include the tea description, ingredients, weight, best before dates etc.

After some initial research we discovered, shock horror, that you have to pay for barcodes. (Levels of naivety clearly reaching an all time heights). So we bought some – a thousand to be precise, and David very patiently set about the monumental task of creating an InDesign template to hold all of the them (for each weight of each tea – we now have 10g sample packs, 50g bags and 100g bags). For simplicity, since we are printing and sticking ourselves just now, they are all the same size, and very low tech we are, for the moment, using guillotined address labels from WHSmiths!

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