Bath Christmas Market

We spent 12 days in Milsom Place as part of the Bath Christmas Market. The first time we’d taken our products out to the public, let alone run our own market stall.  On the first day I spent most of the time running around town looking for camping guy ropes simply to attach the signage to the trestle table. Most of the time subsequently was spent handing out a lot of free samples to passers by and trying to learn tea facts – this is definitely the way to catch people’s attention and make sales.

First impressions – it was cold – and some days were very quiet, which didn’t help spirits. But overall it was positive. We met a lot of people, traders, other tea business owners, shop and business owners, the public etc, and from everyone we took on board some great feedback. This was our chance to figure out if the brand concept, incorporating art with tea, was any good, and pretty much everyone seemed to love the packaging and presentation.

The stall was (luckily) set under cover nearby Carluccios restaurant – we probably had one of the best spots in terms of foot fall. In total we took just under £4k, which was less than we’d hoped for but on reflection probably not too bad. The hardest part of the market was having to set up and then dismantle everything each day. The way forwards has to be a seasonal pop-up shop. I was rather envious of the traders who were able to keep warm inside and then simply close the door at the end of each day.

As an aside it took 3 very lovely friends about a week to help us prepare all the tea prior to going to market – packaging, sticking labels, adding the inserts and so on. Thank you to all of them for being so dedicated.

3000 tea bags

Packing 3000 English Breakfast tea bags

Tea Studio Stall

Tea Studio Stall

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