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Since David and I are creatives it may seem crazy to some that we have opted to work with a third party to come up with the brand concept for this venture. But I think it makes perfect sense. Our brand will be key to our success and we need the objectivity derived from others’ input to find a really elegant solution. Not to mention leaving it to the professionals – our initial forays into logos and business cards have been hampered by a) our poor Illustrator skills and b) our lack of time. And crucially there’s so much more that we need to get to grips with like learning about tea.

After trawling the web for potentially interesting design studios I stumbled upon hereTheir portfolio stood a mile out from the crowd and looking through their client list I have to admit that I didn’t think they would be interested in working with us (my initial lack of business confidence: too small, no capital etc). But I was immediately proved wrong. A project like ours offers here a blank slate with almost total creative freedom.

We’ve had a couple of meetings already to spec out requirements. For me, as an artist, pouring over idea boards and following this design process through to see our initial ideas transformed into something tangible is hugely exciting. It’s really important to us to stand out and to look different from our competitors. We want our brand to set new standards in packaging design, we want to be featured in Wallpaper magazine and we’d love to be stocked by every café in Broadway Market by May.


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