Black Tea

  • Tea Studio Earl Grey 1 Star Great Taste Award Winner

    Earl Grey

    5.00 out of 5


    Earl Grey takes its name from the 2nd Earl Grey, a British Prime Minister in the 1830s, who reputedly received a gift of tea flavoured with bergamot oil. This aromatic black tea comes from the homeland of tea trees in the Chinese province of Yunnan and from the high mountains of Sri Lanka. A premium loose-leaf tea, it combines the wiry, regular leaf of spicy Ceylon with the elegance of Yunnan and natural bergamot from France. The result is a highly aromatic tea with lemon notes – a morning classic.

    Our Earl Grey has just won a gold star award in the Great Taste Awards 2013.

  • English Breakfast - Bridge Over the Kama River, Perm, Russia by Hannah Scott - 2011 - Acrylic on canvas

    English Breakfast FP


    BLENDED BLACK TEA (Sri Lanka, Kenya and India)

    Our English Breakfast comes from plantations in Sri Lanka, Kenya and India. A premium loose-leaf tea, it is a good bodied, full flavoured tea, which boasts bright and coppery orange highlights. Made by orthodox production, it has medium caffeine, high antioxidant content and is certified by the Ethical Tea Partnership.

  • Darjeeling Lingia

    Darjeeling Lingia


    TGFOP  · First Flush  ·  Black Tea

    This Darjeeling comes from a beautiful garden, 6500 feet above sea level in the breathtaking mountains of north-east India. The garden, founded around 140 years ago, produces small, green-tipped, semi dark leaves plucked from the Chinese varietal of the tea plant, the Camellia sinensis, which are carefully handpicked to bring out the enriching taste of this flowery soft tea. It is a premium loose-leaf tea, which is round in scent and offers a light golden infusion.

    Lingia is certified as 100% bio-organic and has several certifications and accreditations to its name. These include the IMO (Switzerland) for EU, accreditation for organic farming, USDS, NPOP, JAS, SGS (India) as well as recognition for conforming to the HACCP (SQF) standards.

    Lingia is home to about 5000 people, mostly belonging to the local Gorkha (Nepali). Free primary education, medical facilities and housing is provided to all its workers and their families.

  • Assam Tonganagaon

    Assam Tonganagaon



    This Assam comes from the natural forests and lakes in the Tinsukia district of northeast India. A premium loose-leaf tea, its malty note and golden tipped surprise come from controlled organic farming, making it dry and sweet.

  • Lapsang Souchong

    Lapsang Souchong



    Go to the stunning mountains in the Wuyi region of China and you will find our source of Lapsang Souchong. This premium loose-leaf tea was the first black tea made in the world. Its distinctive smokey hint comes from being cured over cedar wood giving it an enriching smooth taste.

  • Ceylon Kenilworth

    Ceylon Kenilworth



    Ceylon Kenilworth comes from the 700-acre estate in Sri Lanka named after the English castle Kenilworth. Situated 4000 feet above sea level, it is considered by many to produce some of the finest teas in the world. A premium loose-leaf tea, it is full bodied and earthy, boasting a dark red infusion derived from its striking pine needle shaped leaves.

  • New Vithanakande - by Here Design - 2012

    New Vithanakande



    New Vithanakande begins its journey on a hill overlooking the world famous Sinharaja rain forest near Ratnapura in Sri Lanka. Favourable climatic conditions give this tea its special mellow character that distinguishes it from others. It fine, wiry leaves, abundant with golden tips, create a pure, clean and refreshing infusion with a warm russet colour and a rich honey fragrance. Good drunk alone or with traditional afternoon tea treats. Certified by the Ethical Tea Partnership.

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    Our Chai is made with rich and robust premium tippy golden Assam leaves, blended with generous helpings of warming ginger, cinnamon and deliciously aromatic aniseed and cardamom.