Green Tea

  • Green Tea

    Green Tea

    5.00 out of 5


    Our Green tea comes from the beautiful cradles of the Himalayan Range in Nepal. From the Antu Valley estate, this loose-leaf tea has a uniform, slightly curly, medium leaf with silvery and light green tips. As with all green teas, heat is applied to the freshly picked leaves to arrest oxidation and capture the soft grassy notes that are typical of Nepalese teas. Perfect when in need of refreshment.

  • Jasmine Pearls - by Hannah Scott - 2000 - Liquid gloss on canvas

    Jasmine Pearls

    5.00 out of 5


    Our Jasmine Pearls come from an estate 1500 feet above sea level in China’s Fujian province. An exceptional loose-leaf tea, the skilfully hand-rolled pearls of green tea are scented with thousands of freshly-picked jasmine blossoms whose heavenly and exotic perfume is slowly absorbed by the tea.

    The infusion of pale green liquor has a smooth, delicate and pleasing flavour.

  • Deep Steamed Sencha

    Deep Steamed Sencha

    5.00 out of 5


    Our Sencha comes from the vast green tea fields of the Kakegawa region of Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. This exceptional tea has an elegant balance of sweetness, bitterness, sharpness and fragrance and produces clear, deep green liquor.

    Our Sencha comes from the vast green tea fields of the Kakegawa region of Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. Perfect after dinner or with savoury oriental-style foods such as fish and noodles.

  • Hojicha by Here Design - 2012 - Photocopied Twigs




    This roasted Japanese green tea is made from the twigs of the tea plant and fired at a high temperature in a porcelain pot over charcoal. It has a nutty, caramel flavour with a lovely light reddish brown infusion.

    Low in tannins and caffeine so an excellent after-dinner or late evening tea.

  • Matcha Genmaicha

    Matcha Genmaicha



    Our Japanese Matcha Genmaicha is a blend of steamed green tea, popped rice and powdered emerald green Matcha. It yields a unique aroma and is a masterpiece of a taste that generates a quiet and calm atmosphere. Its green liquor has a distinctive sweet, nutty aroma. High in antioxidants.

    A perfect morning or after-dinner tea.

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    Our award-winning Matcha Aoarashi is prepared during traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. The leaves have been steamed, rolled and dried, then stone-ground to a fine, green tea powder. The intense green of the leaves is achieved by growing the tea bushes under shade for 3 weeks prior to harvesting. This increases the chlorophyll content of the leaf. When drinking Matcha, the entire tea leaf is ingested so this energy boosting drink contains high levels of antioxidants.


    Matcha is made by grinding high quality tea leaves, called tencha. This offers great health benefits as you actually consume the tea leaf, rather than just an infusion of the tea leaves. Rich in antioxidants research has shown matcha can boost metabolism and help reduce cholesterol levels so is great as part of a healthy diet.

    How To Use

    Matcha can be drunk as tea or used in cooking:

    • Usucha, or thin tea, is prepared with 1.75g of matcha and 75ml of hot water (70-80 °C). Use a bamboo whisk to create froth as desired.
    • Koicha, or thick tea used in the Tea Ceremony, is prepared with 3.75g of matcha and 40ml of hot water (70-80 °C), stir rather than whisk.
    • Use to make matcha lattes, milkshakes, smoothies or iced tea.
    • Add to baking recipes, such as matcha cookies, brownies, cupcakes, bread and ice-cream.
    • Mix with salt as a traditional dipping seasoning for tempura.