• Oolong




    This Oolong tea comes from Lam Dong province in the highlands of South Vietnam. It is a premium loose-leaf tea created using ancient Taiwanese methods. To prepare the tea, it is sun-dried, lightly oxidized and then rolled into neat balls that brew to give a wonderful flowery scent and sweet flavour.

    A beautiful soft and elegant tea perfect for any afternoon.

  • Frozen Oolong

    Frozen Oolong



    Frozen Oolong is one of our most unique and exquisite teas, from the subtropical climate of Fujian Province in China. This exceptional loose-leaf tea is produced by following the time honoured tradition of plucking select leaves and shoots exactly 22 days from the onset of the first flush of the bush in April. This is then frozen to maintain the distinctive quality. Its light golden green liquor has a floral, honeysuckle bouquet with a lingering taste. A sublime cup!