Semley Village Stores

I was sitting in the office the other morning and plucking up the courage to make my first tea sales call. At the top of the initial list of shops, cafes and local businesses to approach was Semley Village Stores. Tea HQ is after all based in Semley. Feeling very reluctant, (I am not a sales person and suffer from phone-phobia), I spoke to Anne, the manager and we agreed a date to go round and chat. And thanks to Anne and the team our tea is now looking beautiful right at the front of the shop for all to see as they enter.

We spent Saturday morning at the shop making samples for everyone who came by. It was a good response and people were keen to find out more about is and the business. It will of course be interesting to see how things pan out in the forthcoming weeks. The lesson we took from Bath Christmas Market and Saturday, is that tea is really easy to sell when you are standing talking to your customers and able to actually relay the story behind each tea – where it came from, who produced it, it’s characteristics etc. So we have two full shelves. And the artwork on each packet is looking really good lined up like this. 

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