Tea Studio Lemon Ginger - Herbal Infusion

Lemon & Ginger


Our revitalising Lemon & Ginger infusion is a blend of real pieces of spicy ginger with the fresh, zesty taste of lemons combined with aromatic spices. Lemon is known for its purifying qualities and ginger for its stimulating properties.

This infusion can be enjoyed at any time of the day but especially after a meal.
Our Lemon & Ginger won 1 gold star in the Great Taste Awards 2014.

Additional Information

Steep Time

2 to 3 minutes


90 degrees celcius

Number of Infusions





Hannah Scott – 2011 – Acrylic on canvas


Hannah Scott was born in Salisbury in 1976 and grew up between Wiltshire and France. She trained as a fine artist and media designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London. View her IT portfolio here. Hannah is also director at Tea Studio.

Hannah has travelled extensively – in particular throughout Europe, Asia and America. Her art is concerned with the essence of a journey – movement, interaction and the geography of the Earth viewed from aerial or distant perspectives. She works with a variety of styles and mediums painting both in oil on canvas and also mixed media combinations of liquid gloss, acrylics and emulsions.


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