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Tea Studio MATCHA AOARASHI 1 Star Great Taste Award Winner
Millwheel by Hannah Scott - 2013 - Digital ArtMatcha


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Our award-winning Matcha Aoarashi is prepared during traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. The leaves have been steamed, rolled and dried, then stone-ground to a fine, green tea powder. The intense green of the leaves is achieved by growing the tea bushes under shade for 3 weeks prior to harvesting. This increases the chlorophyll content of the leaf. When drinking Matcha, the entire tea leaf is ingested so this energy boosting drink contains high levels of antioxidants.


Matcha is made by grinding high quality tea leaves, called tencha. This offers great health benefits as you actually consume the tea leaf, rather than just an infusion of the tea leaves. Rich in antioxidants research has shown matcha can boost metabolism and help reduce cholesterol levels so is great as part of a healthy diet.

How To Use

Matcha can be drunk as tea or used in cooking:

  • Usucha, or thin tea, is prepared with 1.75g of matcha and 75ml of hot water (70-80 °C). Use a bamboo whisk to create froth as desired.
  • Koicha, or thick tea used in the Tea Ceremony, is prepared with 3.75g of matcha and 40ml of hot water (70-80 °C), stir rather than whisk.
  • Use to make matcha lattes, milkshakes, smoothies or iced tea.
  • Add to baking recipes, such as matcha cookies, brownies, cupcakes, bread and ice-cream.
  • Mix with salt as a traditional dipping seasoning for tempura.

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Additional Information

Weight 40 g

100g, 40g


Japan, Kakegawa


75 to 80 degrees celcius

Number of Infusions



Millwheel by Hannah Scott – 2013 – Digital art

Millwheel by Hannah Scott - 2013 - Digital Art

Millwheel by Hannah Scott – 2013 – Digital Art


Hannah Scott was born in Salisbury in 1976 and grew up between Wiltshire and France. She trained as a fine artist and media designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London. View her IT portfolio here. Hannah is also director at Tea Studio.

Hannah has travelled extensively – in particular throughout Europe, Asia and America. Her art is concerned with the essence of a journey – movement, interaction and the geography of the Earth viewed from aerial or distant perspectives. She works with a variety of styles and mediums painting both in oil on canvas and also mixed media combinations of liquid gloss, acrylics and emulsions.


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