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It doesn’t take long to find Jane Pettigrew’s name once you start researching tea. She is tea connoisseur extraordinaire – the authority on all things tea having worked in the industry for thirty years as a tea specialist, historian, writer and consultant.

Having contacted a variety of suppliers we very quickly decided that help would most definitely be required to select from the teas they were due to send and there was no doubt in either my or David’s minds that Jane was the only lady for the job. We met Jane for an introductory meeting to explain what we were trying to achieve and she agreed to help us with some business guidance and the selection of an initial product offering.

I am sure it must have been slightly challenging when David and I turned up for our tasting day with a box of nearly 100 samples, but all credit to Jane, we ploughed through the box over eight hours one Saturday, lining up each variety like for like – a marathon taste off. The tea samples we have found come from a mixture of growers that we have met on our tea travels as well as some wholesalers.

Of course the vast majority of samples were quickly discarded but a handful stood out, a couple of which even gained wow factor status. But most interesting was learning what to look for in each variety and listening to Jane’s wonderful descriptions. It was exhausting but we had an amazing day so thank you Jane for sharing your knowledge and for making it such a brilliantly fun day.

More details about Jane and her consultancy can be found on her website: www.janepettigrew.com



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