Walk in the Dark

We are supporting Collarways in this years Walk in the Dark by providing free cups of tea to all walkers. It’s going to be our first outing as The Tea Studio.

Walk in the Dark is all about safety at night, when you’re out walking your dogs in towns, fields or country lanes. Road accidents involving dogs increase significantly during the darker hours of the winter months and this is often due to the fact that the dog and their owner are not visible enough to motorists.

This year Walk in the Dark have chosen to support Search & Rescue Dogs. Collarways, the sponsors, have a close relationship with Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs, who have chosen the Leuchtie LED collar as their preferred high visibility gear for their search dogs.

Anyone can join in – details below:


Shaftesbury – Country walk on Win Green
meet at Win Green car park of Donhead Hollow
Date: 25th October, 7pm
Organiser: Collarways Limited

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